Monday, March 5, 2012


{Shaun's masterpiece}
     We had a pretty low key weekend, which mostly consisted of icing (not much you can do for a torn hamstring), watching college basketball, and playing some games (old and new). The weather has been nice but we found ourselves wanting to stay in and relax instead of getting out. (Actually as I type this, we have sunny skies but 100km/h winds.) When we lived up north, we used to feel that urgency to take advantage of the good weather when we had it since it never lasted long and you never knew when it would be nice again. That resulted in lots of 'forced outings'.  But here, the weather has been nice and I know (hopefully) it will stay for good so we can be a little more choosy on what we want to do.  In other words, we are not at the mercy of the weather gods (as much-we still live in France after all). So we relaxed, which was a nice change of pace and very much needed for Shaun. After weeks of hamstring pain, b.s. tests and being given the 'ok' to play many times, he finally got himself a good MRI which showed a 10cm/4 inch tear in his hamstring.  So, he is resting, which is usually not in his vocabulary but seeing that he has no choice, it will be now. Fortunately for us, there were some great games on t.v. so Shaun could get his fill of basketball with out actually playing. We also dusted off the old Wii, which inevitably ends in trash talking and one of us being pissed because the other mentioned our name and loser in the same sentence. Like I said before, we never said we were mature. AND, we also discovered the Draw Something app, which we spent many hours playing against each other and against our friends here in France. It is a drawing game kind of like pictionary but you play it on the iphone/ipod or ipad which obviously makes it a lot harder. Thank God they give you the letters below because with some of the pictures we have drawn, you would wonder if we were a 6 year old drawing. It is very entertaining to say the least and I saved a few of my favorites to show off our 'mad' drawing skills, haha.

{My work}


{Shaun's best work to date}

{More of my work, at least they have lipstick on.}

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