Monday, March 26, 2012

Saint-Tropez and Port Grimaud

{Port in Saint-Tropez}
     We are truly blessed with beautiful beaches all along the coastline here in the Cote d'azur. And while we most often go to the beaches in our city, we sometimes like to change things up and head a bit further down the coast. Experience a little 'strange' if you will. So with the warm weather and free weekend, we decided to head to Saint-Tropez for the day. Often associated with Brigitte Bardot and the infamous Paris Hilton's horrible table dancing, Saint-Tropez is a beautiful little beach town where the famous flock to in the summer and call it their 'home base' for their jet setting lifestyle. While I am sure it is fun to be sprayed down by Champagne half naked on the beach while dancing to that Euro-trance they like so much here, I tend to enjoy the more calm time in Saint-Tropez, the off-season. (It's a shame because I think I might of wasted all my good 'table dancing' days on Atlanta. Just think, I could of saved those up and been uber cool rubbing elbows with celebrities in Saint-Tropez). Regardless of when you go, the sherbet colors of the buildings, the beautiful yachts and the small boutiques will not disappoint. We strolled through the port and admired some of the mega-yachts then ordered a sandwich to go and ate on the wall overlooking the water all the while, enjoying the view. If partying and rubbing elbows is your thing, make sure to go in the summer but if you want to enjoy Saint-Tropez for it's non-partying self, I suggest going in the spring when it is warm enough but still not too crowded. Just make sure you order the tarte tropezienne, it is worth every empty calorie...and then some.

{Our view while chowing down}

{Tarte Tropezienne...brioche bread with pastry cream filling, powdered sugar....incredible}

     After Saint-Tropez, we drove to the other side of the Golf of Saint-Tropez to a little city called Port Grimaud. I honestly had never heard of it until our trusty friend/local guide Marie told us about it a few weeks ago. Often referred to as a little french Venice, Port Grimaud is a little seaside town built right on the water with canals used instead of streets. We walked pretty much the entire area in 30 minutes so it's small but what an amazing little area none the less. Since it was towards the end of our day, we didn't take the water taxi tour of the area but I definitely plan to do that next time. And there will be a next time.

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