Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday Market

  One of the things that I love here are the markets. And I'm not talking about markets like Kroger, Safeway or Publix either. I am talking about the outdoor markets here in France that sell everything from fruits and vegetables to nail polish, pottery and mattresses. Most cities in France have different days designated where markets are exclusively food that day and then turns into a flea or other markets on other days. We have one about .5 mile from our place that runs every day (except Mondays) until noonish that sells mostly fruit and veggies but I always find myself really wanting to go on Mondays...don't know why. Well, last year during a bike ride at the beach, my friend Allyson and I literally stumbled upon one of the greatest markets I have seen over here. That last statement may seem bold but I am sticking to it. You know how I know it's great? When we talk to 'real' french people about it, they agree that it's awesome and give us their approval, so there. O.K., back to the market. Every Wednesday at Sanary sur Mer (sur mer means on the sea so you can imagine where it is located), hundreds of stalls pop up selling anything from the freshest fruits, vegetables, fish, meats to jewelry, pottery, scarves, and yes, even mattresses. It is amazing, pretty much a one stop shop. So we went today and enjoyed the sun, took some pics and walked along the ocean.

For those of you who are thinking, 'I am sure there are good markets in Atlanta too', I would agree. I am sure there are good ones, but the fact that I am in France at the market no further than 50 yards from the Mediterranean makes all the difference in the world. Last I heard, there was a great farmer's market in Decatur (just outside of Atlanta) and while I am sure it is nice, the Ludacris' lyrics in the song Saturday Oooh! Oooh! always pop in my head.... In Decatur, where they pack that heat...and rob neighbors in the night creep, creep...I'll see you later we'll be in them streets'. Now, I am not thinking by 'heat' Ludacris is referring to the beautifully greened jalapeno peppers the market is offering, are you!?! Yeah, didn't think so. Oh and we also found this pair of underwear.... didn't say the market only hit home runs.

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